Computing Solutions is dedicated to providing technology to streamline your business processes. We work exclusively with hardware and software vendors, who share our demand for quality and ingenuity. We will work closely with you and your staff; cost effectively implementing software and hardware to provide security, stability and efichency.
Unquestionably, no single change will improve efichency for the busy executive more than an Allworx phone system. How many times have you been on a call and needed to leave the office for an appointment. With Allworx Reach on your cell phone you can seamlessly transfer the call from your office phone to your cell phone. The transfer happens immediately and you can leave the office without dropping the call. Additionally, with the new Verge phones, you can answer calls from both office and cell phone calls; without touching your cell phone. Would you like to dial contacts from Outlook or know if your staff is busy before you call them? Interact Professional will improve how you interact with your phone! Finally, have you ever wished your phone system could grow instead of staying stagnant! Over the past eight years I have seen enormous changes in the Allworx phone system integration; most have improved my efficiencies enormously!
As an Intel Channel Partner for over twenty years, Computing Solutions maintains access to excellent training and support; allowing us to build reliable, state of the art systems. Intel is committed to the SMB. Our relationship allows us to get the latest technology implemented for our customers at a reasonable cost. All Intel products have an industry leading warranty to back up outstanding quality. Their innovation and reliability are a key component to our business!
If you aren’t using Lexmark MFPs and printers, you are missing out! Multifunction printers have eliminated the need for a copier and fax machine. When properly configured, color multifunction printers, while still expensive are now reasonable to operate. Lexmark multifunction printers when properly sized for your usage and configured for your staff, will improve your efficiency while reducing costs. Whether scanning documents, sending and receiving faxes or printing complex documents, Lexmark MFP’s will do it better!
Seagate hard drives are an exclusive in all our systems. We have chosen Seagate for their speed, reliability and warranty. Their innovation keeps Seagate at the top and provides our customers with extremely reliable data storage.
The most important service we provide to our customers is data recovery. Whether because of an accidental file deletion, a hard drive failure or ransomware, a proper disaster recovery plan is crucial for every business. Retrospect is vital to our success storing and recovering your data! Whether you store your data on tape, NAS or cloud based, Retrospect provides the software to securely and reliably store and retrieve your data!